Daycare: monday - friday  8:30-5:30pm

Daycare for your fur kids: We exercise your dog so you don't have to at the end of the day. While they'll be excited to see you after work, we guarantee they will be ready for a nap by the time you get home. For many dogs, socialization is an important part of their mental well-being. By burning off their excess energy, and allowing them to interact with other dogs in a controlled environment: unwanted behaviors such as barking, destructiveness, or general rambunctiousness, are less of an issue. A tired dog is a content dog!


Day Pass

8:30am - 5:30pm

1 Dog $25/Day

2 Dogs $40/Day


  • We require that all daycare dogs are up to date on the following Vaccinations: Bordetella, rabies, distemper/hepatitis, and parvovirus and require proof of vaccination upon first drop off with yearly updates.

  • NOTE: Bordetella (kennel cough) is not a regular vaccine and must be requested by owners if planning on boarding

  • Puppies must have a full three sets of vaccinations before they can attend daycare

  • All dogs over the age of 9 months old must be spayed/neutered

  • Pups must be pre-approved to ensure they "play well with others" and can just have fun while mom or dad is at work.

(Subject to GST)