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Playcare Pups

Daycare for your dog. Just like their humans, dogs need to socialize with their own kind too. A full day of fun, interacting and learning from other dogs reminds your dog that he/she is in fact a dog and not a human. Dogs that are extremely humanized can end up exhibiting behavioural and social issues, let us play them out for you so that at the end of your work day you don't have to.


Playcare Pups Single Dog

Bring your pup for a day of fun with friends! We tire them out for you!

8 hr



Double Occupancy

Even siblings need new friends!

8 hr


Daycare Info


We exercise your dog so that at the end of your work day you and your pup can just hang out and relax, rather than having to take him/her out for a walk.

Snack n'Snooze

Midday snack n' snooze offers a break in the fun, slows down growing pups and gives the older dogs some quiet time to breathe. Having set times and boundaries lets guests know that yes, there are still rules to follow.


For many dogs, socialization is an important part of their mental well-being.By burning off their excess energy, and allowing them to interact with other dogs in a controlled environment: unwanted behaviors such as barking, destructiveness, or general rambunctiousness, are less of an issue. A tired dog is a content dog!



We require that all playcare participants are up to date on vaccinations, including Bordetella.


Please note: Bordetella (kennel cough) is NOT a regular vaccine and must be requested of your veterinarian if you plan on boarding.


Pups must be pre-approved to ensure they "play well with others" and can just have fun while mom or dad is at work. Book a meet 'n greet today!


Puppies must have a full 3 sets of vaccinations before they can attend daycare.


All dogs over the age of 12 months old must be spayed/neutered.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

  • 72 hour cancellation policy, except for Christmas bookings.​

  • All bookings require a payment of 50% at the time of booking. This is non refundable on cancellations within 72 hours of arrival. ​

  • Reservations for Christmas must be paid in FULL 30 days prior to boarding with no refunds as space is at a premium.


Office/phone hours: 9am-5pm All calls and texts will be responded to as promptly as possible. After hours will be answered the following business day.


Playcare Pups Hours:



Overnight Boarders: Drop off and pickup times (by appointment)


8:30am - 10am 

4pm - 6pm (Pickups in this time frame will include $25 daycare fee) 


Saturday 9-10am and 5-6pm

Sundays 5-6pm only


For drop off/pickup times outside our posted hours there is a $25 fee.

WE ARE CLOSED to human visitors the following dates:

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Season Hours:

5pm Dec.23rd - 9am Dec. 27th

5pm Dec. 30th - 9am Jan. 2nd


Please arrange to pickup/drop off either before or after the above major holidays so our staff can care for your dogs and enjoy their families too. Thank you.

Please remember to book Early as we have a 20 dog per day facility maximum

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