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Overnight Dog Boarding

For ease of assimilation we request all NEW overnight boarders arrive in our morning time slot;  This gives them the full day to settle in with their new friends, before bedtime.


Single Dog
24 hr



Single Dog
24 hr


More Than 2 Dogs
24 hr



Double Dog
24 hr



Double Dog 
24 hr

Boarding Info


 50% booking fee at time of booking which is non refundable on cancellations within 72 hours of arrival. Christmas bookings must be paid in full and are non refundable.


Administering oral medications / supplements / needles is $5.00 a day. Our staff have years of experience.

Meal Prep

Special meal prep: including raw, canned/wet,  homecooked food: $5/day.


There are two feeding sessions per day plus our "Snack n' Snooze' midday break for all guests.



We require proof of current vaccination status on all dogs before entering the kennel.


Plan ahead: vaccinations must be administered 2 weeks prior to your meet 'n greet to ensure effectiveness.


All dogs over the age of 12 months old must be spayed/neutered


Please note:

Bordetella (kennel cough) is NOT a regular vaccine and must be requested/ administered 10 days prior to your meet 'n greet appointment.


Puppies must have a full 3 sets of vaccinations prior to boarding or daycare


All dogs must be pre-approved as regular guests to ensure they "play well with others" Call or text 403-704-6180 to book a meet 'n greet today!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

  • 72 hour cancellation policy, except for Christmas bookings.​

  • All bookings require a payment of 50% at the time of booking. This is non refundable on cancellations within 72 hours of arrival. ​

  • Reservations for Christmas must be paid in FULL 30 days prior to boarding with no refunds as space is at a premium.

Our integration process:

New dogs or dogs returning to us after a long period of time are requested to arrive in our morning time slot so as to have the day to assimilate.


Step 1: Upon arrival, new pups are slowly introduced to one or two existing guests through the interior kennels. Most dogs take less than twenty minutes to let us know through body language that they are ok to take another step. 


Step 2: existing dogs are moved to our large outside run and new pup(s) are moved outside to the adjacent run to continue meeting through the fences; another 20 minute process dependent on behaviors. 


Step 3: face to face meeting with one or two existing dogs at a time. The goal is always to have one big happy group; however, like people, not all dogs have to  like all dogs and sometimes we end up with more than one group or pairs and singles. 

This is all based on the individual dog and what they need. No dog is forced to have friends. EVER. 


There are a few sweet regular clients that still take all day, and even overnight to decide they are ok to play with others, and that's just fine.

Our hands on, observing of body language, and time based approach ensures that no dog is forced into something they don't want to do and end up stressed and anxious. re to be boarded. Your dogs are treated like our own.

Our integration process:
Required Forms

Application To Board

Boarding Agreement

Pet Travel Checklist

Please have the two required forms filled out for the first meet and greet appointment, plus current vaccination record.



Office/phone hours


All calls and texts will be responded to same day.

After hours will be answered the following business day.


Please note

We operate on an appointment basis and book you a specific arrival /departure time within our two daily time slots to limit disruption to our canine boarders.

There is a $25 service fee for arrangements needed outside these hours of operation

which must be indicated at time of booking. 

Last minute changes to pickups while dog is in house will also incur a $25 service charge and are not always able to be accommodated.

Winter Operational Hours In Effect as of Sept. 1st

Daycare Dogs


Arrival: 9am-10am 

Departure: 4pm -5pm 

Overnight Boarders


9am - 10am 

4pm - 5pm 


Saturday: 9-10am and 5-6pm

Sundays: Closed to humans

Long Weekends

All arrivals by 5:30pm on Friday

Departing Monday 9-10am

*There are no drop off/pick up times available Sat/Sun on long weekends

WE are closed to human visitors the following dates: Please book early to avoid conflict with travel arrangements/flights/delays etc.

Thanksgiving Day


 Closed 10am Dec. 24th

Re-open 9am Dec.27th

New Years

Closed 10am Dec. 31st

Re- open 9am Jan. 2nd

Thank you. We value the trust you place in us.

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