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Angel Lane Dog Boarding

Some Angels Have Fur Instead of Wings

Our Mission

 Inspiring compassion in a charming and safe setting for beloved family pets.

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My Story

Many years ago I rescued a badly burned kitten for the SPCA; the story went public and a contest held to name her. She became Angel, and also, a part of my family for two sweet years of life before losing her battle with feline leukemia. I decided then, that if I ever realized my dream of opening a boarding kennel it would be named Angel Lane 

Fast forward to 2017 and with the tragic loss of my beloved "Moe Dog" at the hands of a narcissistic abuser, I decided I needed to do something to create a legacy in his name. I had seen Red Cross Compassion dogs offer comfort in the wake of community tragedies;  and an idea was born to create "Moe's Angels:" A foundation that will support compassion dogs trained to work with trauma victims, with a particular focus on women and children survivors of  abuse. Why? Because I am a survivor myself and also a life coach inspired to create space for other survivors to feel heard and to feel safe.

Now, here we are at phase one:  Angel Lane Boarding Kennels has come to life; compassionate care and boutique boarding for beloved family pets on 20 charming acres of heaven on earth. How the rest comes to life I don't know yet, but I have faith it will all come together in one amazing compassionate movement! 

What is boutique boarding? 

We are a 20 guest dog resort; that means we are hands on;  spending  one on one quality time with your dogs. It means we have the space and the time for play time, snuggle time, leash and off leash excursions, and some casual grooming for our fuzzier clients. 

Depending on weather, all guests have all day indoor/outdoor access to the grass play areas, pools, and pals. while guests wanting to relax in their own bed for a rest have that option too,  as all suites are left open and accessible all day. While we have boundaries in place for safety and manners, we also allow your dog the freedom to make their own decisions based on what they need. 

Meet The Team


Sharon and Nala

Julia and Harley.jpg

Julia and Harley

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Single Occupancy

24 hr



Single Occupancy



Families over 2 dogs

Additional Dogs



Double Occupancy

24 hr



Double Occupancy


Book A Meet-& Greet!

 Why do we require a meet n' greet?

 We want to get to know you:

We want to give you and your pup an opportunity to meet us and make sure we are all a good fit. Your appointment is 30 minutes where we will observe and assess your dog for any signs of anxiety, or stress as he/she checks out all the sights, sounds, and scents of their new home away from home. We will also go over your boarding forms and make sure we have all the information we need to ensure a fun filled and safe stay for your dog. 


We want you to be able to see exactly where your dog will be staying, playing, and sleeping. Having a boutique sized space for a maximum of only 20 guests means you get the full tour to set your mind at ease.

Ease of assimilation:

We believe that a dog that has an opportunity to first check everything out, and  leave with mom or dad feeling good, has an easier time returning and assimilating into his/her boarding experience, rather than just being dropped off and left in a new place with new people all at once. 

Once your pup passes the meet 'n greet, has all paperwork in order, and up to date vaccinations, he/she is good to go! We are excited to welcome them. and you,  into our Angel Lane community!

Success Stories

“Amazing boarding kennel. We were so happy with the care our fur baby received. The personal touches made our time away from him less stressful. Thanks for the photos we received. He looked like he had an amazing time socializing and playing with our pups. Thanks again so much. Highly recommend Angel Lane pet boarding.”

Glenda Stutheit

Contact us to start building a relationship with us and your beloved pup.

Sharon Rennecke


N from Rimbey on Hwy 20 to TWP 432 

W on 432 to RR31

N on 31 UP HILL

West side of hill:  Angel Lane sign on gates

Call or text: 403-704-6180

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